Many people will be aware that many carriers have announced origin-based charging by means of surcharging internationally originated calls to UK numbers, as enabled by the regulatory changes set out in the Ofcom statement  dated 30th March 2021.

As a UK ITSP we are also in a position where we have to adopt these surcharges being stipulated by major networks.  This will be the same for almost all voice providers in the UK and could come as a nasty shock to some wholesale voice partners or end customers who are using some of the high band CLIs or a simple mistake of an invalid CLI misconfigured on your phone system.  Invalid CLIs being charged the maximum of nearly £2 per min!

We have simplified the charging into 11 different bands, each band has a number of country prefixes.

The full list of countries and their charge band is listed in the attachment below.

The good news is that a complex change such as this was mitigated and a development release rolled out across our state of the art VoIP network.  Every single customer automatically has the ability to use UK and band 0 prefixes (subject to the customer owning them) without any additional charges.  Any Invalid CLIs are also blocked, ensuring there is no surprise bills.

Furthermore, the customers or partners who have access to our EDGE portal, can easily change their band they wish to allow up to and this can be managed by them instantly. Fuse 2 is aware such a complex change can not simply be mitigated by many operators in the UK and we are proud to ensure all our customers have peace of mind they are protected with easy flexibility going forward.